No sales pitch. You’ve got to taste our dogs to believe how good an opportunity the Doghouse is.  Come here, taste the dogs, talk to the customers or anyone on campus. I’m so confident you’ll love the Doghouse franchise that I’ll pay for your hotel room and when you buy a franchise, I’ll reimburse your coach airfare.

Great Product Success for a franchisee starts with a great product your customers will love – you have that with The Doghouse. We start with the finest gourmet hot dogs, put them on our special, butter-grilled buns baked locally just for us, and top them with a variety of mouth watering condiments. Our best marketing is the satisfied customers who text, Tweet, email their friends about the best hot dog they’ve ever tasted. Low Startup Costs The Doghouse gives you the opportunity to start your own business for a reasonable investment – just $25,000, including all start-up costs. 

Dave – Tempe, AZ. Founder & Owner of Dave’s Doghouse

Easy Operation

It’s been 8 years and I couldn’t be more proud of being part of the Doghouse team. You’ll love selling this food. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to hear customer after customer saying it’s the best dog they’ve ever eaten! For me, it’s easy to prepare, there’s no waste, food cost is low…it’s a winner!

Maria – Tempe, AZ. Franchise Owner, Dave’s Doghouse

Profitable Business Model

I tasted a Doghouse hot dog and was hooked – I knew this was a product I wanted to sell as an entrepreneur. The awesome buns and special combination of flavors convinced me I had to become part of this organization. Low cost, no hidden costs, no waste, easy inventory management, my own hours, and a great product that I’m proud to serve – What could be better? I turned a profit immediately and it keeps increasing. There’s no limit to what you can earn!

Rob – Tempe, AZ. Franchise Owner, Dave’s Doghouse