Every sandwich is served on our famous Signature Bun

Boston Dog Dave’s hot dogs are our numero uno, top secret product. Dave has the dogs made especially for him on the east coast of the United States. Once you try this delicious dog you will be back for another!

Chili Dog Our gourmet Chili was developed exclusively for Dave’s Dog House by one of Los Angeles’s Top Chef’s – Josiah Citrin.  Josiah designed the chili using his own special secret blend of spices and herbs. Next time you are in the Dog House you’ve got to try the Chili! Our chili is served daily on French fries and of course atop our famous hot dogs.  Josiah is the owner of the acclaimed Melisse Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Beantown Our famous Boston Baked Beans compliment the great flavor of our dogs. We then add mustard and onions and the result is a fantastic taste.

Beef Sliders – Tasty little burgers. Toasted buns, slightly buttered, piled with grilled onions, pickles and ketchup. The flavor explodes in your mouth like a little 4th of July celebration! You won’t find a better slider in Tempe…and probably the whole state. Delivered hot to you by bags of 6 ,12 or 24 sliders.

Reuben – The dog is sliced down the middle which allows the Swiss cheese to melt, then we add thousand island dressing and warm sauerkraut.

Sea Dog – For the fish lover, a filet is deep fried and topped with our homemade cole slaw. Complimented with a side of tartar sauce.

Fries – Dave’s Dog House French Fries are thick cut by hand in-store every single day.  We use delicious slices of Idaho’s finest spuds. If you like fries and know the difference between your “normal” fry and a gourmet French fry, you need to taste Dave’s!

Doggie Style Fries – Grilled onions, bacon, cheese and thousand island dressing.

BBQ Dog – We added a Western flare to our original dog. To achieve our unique flavor, we use an in-house special blended barbeque sauce and our savory coleslaw to fill the bill.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Our signature dog topped with warm macaroni, cheese and real bacon. The Mac & Cheese is quickly becoming a campus favorite.

Onion Rings – When fries just won’t do the trick…our onion rings are perfectly golden fried to perfection. They’re a fantastic companion to our dogs and sliders!

My Little Chick-a-Dee – Grilled Chicken that is just as tasty as anything else on our menu. Specially made for those of you who just don’t feel like eating beef. A grilled chicken breast smothered with mozzarella cheese and topped with marinara sauce.